The Bin Hanger has primarily been designed to be used with one of the baskets from the Bin series but it fits all models with a curved spiral handle.
They are developed to give the baskets a larger range of use in your home by allowing them to be mounted on the wall.
By using a couloured Bin Hanger you can easily add some colour into your home in a discrete and tasteful way.
Available in eight different colours.

Classic 24 galvanized2.jpg

Bin Hanger - black

Classic 65 galvanized.jpg

Bin Hanger - petrol

Bin Hanger - green

Bin Hanger - silver

Bin Hanger - yellow

Bin Hanger - ash

Bin hanger blue.JPG

Bin Hanger - white

Classic 120 galvanized.jpg

Bin Hanger - red